Memories In The Making

Memories In The Making


Our process allows us to consider the many different factors in garden design and work closely with you to arrive at an agreed vision, for an entire site or a discrete project.




It all starts with an initial meeting on site. Chemistry is key as this needs to be a close working partnership. This is our chance to get to know you and really understand your needs and ambitions – to identify how your garden might bring greater value for you. It’s also our chance to establish the basic scope to cost the project, and on you accepting our fee proposal, to start work.



Together, we agree the design brief in greater depth. This is about capturing your requirements for the future aesthetic, function, and maintenance of the garden. The brief is our guide to making sure we stay focused on your needs and expectations throughout the project.



Our first practical step is to commission a topographical survey, documenting the site in detail. We use this for reference in all following stages. The survey includes levels and gradients, the house and ancillary buildings, entrances, ownership boundaries, walls, paths and services. It also covers natural features – trees, lawns and structural planting.



It’s here we play with initial ideas and share sketched plans with you to discuss. While the outline plan often begins as a series of loose shapes and ideas, this is the stage where it develops into a presentation plan. The presentation plan is a definitive layout drawn to scale.



Once the presentation plan has been agreed, we begin to work on the detailed plans. This includes confirming decisions on the materials that will be used to construct and finish the build of your garden, including planting detail, construction and lighting plans, engineering and drainage detailed drawings.



You may want to run a tender for landscape construction or any specialist skills. Once the design is fully costed and scheduled by your choice of contractors, implementation can begin. At this stage, our role is to recommend the best plant suppliers for the project and oversee the work as it progresses. We can offer a service to visit on a quarterly basis in the first year to work with you or your team to maintain the garden.