A Sprit Of Place

A Spirit Of Place


We work with private and commercial clients and projects range from one-off consultations through to fully designed schemes. Here’s a flavour of our services.

Private Gardens

From courtyards to family gardens to large country estates, we're best known for working on gardens in countryside settings. Often, we help people create their first substantial garden – or refresh established gardens by bringing to life a feature garden within it. Take a look at our full design process here, or get in touch if it's specific advice you need.

  • Master-planning
  • Feature gardens
  • Problem-solving

Commercial Gardens

In our work for major garden destinations, we understand how to express the spirit of a place and captivate visitors throughout the year. And thanks to our experience of working with the National Trust, we're used to collaborating with teams on the ground and working with sensitivity in historic environments. Often, we're asked to find creative solutions for eye-catching planting, or ways to extend the season. As well as design services, we offer regular or one-off advice and consultancy.

  • Points of interest
  • Structural features
  • Historical design

Advisory Services

We love responding to specific challenges and using our knowledge and experience to advise and guide. This could simply be a phone call, or could involve a site visit and a report. Get in touch to talk to us about your needs.

  • One-off issues

  • Quarterly consultations

  • Specialist advice

Planting consultancy

Whether you have a private or commercial garden, you might simply need a refresh rather than a whole redesign. We use our deep understanding of plants to breathe new life into specific borders and existing layouts.

  • Sustainable planting

  • Creative combinations

  • Horticultural expertise

Planting Detail

We produce detailed planting plans and provide a plant sourcing service from our recommended suppliers. Our planting ethos is to provide beautiful plant combinations that are in harmony with their surroundings and nature and adapt to our changing climate.

Landscape Architecture

We work with specialist landscape architects as needed to create detailed plans for construction.


We build long term working relationships, to ensure a continuity of care and advice.